Community — We value people and community. We hope to cultivate community by sharing our moments of joy, sorrow, and excitement with each other. We help each other through our struggles and celebrate together during our triumphs.

Truth — We value truth. In order to provide an environment conducive to truth, we encourage members to speak honestly with sound reasoning and strong evidence to support their views. We challenge members to object whenever they disagree with something that is said.

Mutual Improvement — We look at “improvement” as both a growth in character and intellect. Our goals is to sharpen one and other by identifying strengths, weaknesses, and methods of realizing our goals more effectively.

Effective Communication — We challenge each other to learn to explain and talk about complex topics in an accessible and concise way.

Kindness — We are committed to treating others with the utmost respect. Even if we disagree about a topic, at the end of the day, we value people more their opinions.