Caleb is a Senior from Chicago, IL studying philosophy and biology. His area of interest is using machine learning in clinical research. He loves reading, writing, lifting, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

His personal project involves establishing a collaborative research group of undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in applying computer science methods in the medical field.

Mia is a junior studying international relations and economics in the College. Outside of the Junto, she is a part of AIS’s Alumni and Employment Committee, a letter writer for PennPals, and a part of the transfer community. In her spare time she enjoys having mini dance parties and exploring with her friends.

Richard is interested in all things with math and physics, but also enjoys organizational psychology and contemporary music composition.

His personal project is to teach complex math to a wide audience. This semester he is focusing on Young tableauxs

Grace is a sophomore from New Jersey studying anthropology. She loves to learn how to play new instruments, travel, and read.

Joshua is a sophomore from Milwaukee, WI planning on majoring in Physics and considering pursuing tech entrepreneurship. He is also interested in economics & public policy, foreign cultures and philosophy, and enjoys reading, biking, and exploring new places in his spare time.

His personal project involves starting a classical rhetoric and public speaking club at Penn.

Max Wragan is a junior from Washington, DC studying neuroscience and minoring in chemistry. Outside of the Junto, Max is involved in research with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and PhiDE, an on campus pre-medical organization. Outside of school, Max loves reading, swimming, and baking.

Ali is from Detroit, Michigan and hopes to declare his studies in neuroscience. His area of interest is exploring how the body and its ecology collaborate in producing and healing neurological disorders. He loves music, biking, and reading.